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Birding 3 Day 2 Night Tangkoko Park Nature


Kami Jemput di Bandara Manado CGK / Hotel


3 Hari 2 Malam / 3D2N


Private, Bebas Tentukan Waktu & Tanggal


2 Orang / 2 Pax

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Birding 3 Day 2 Night Tangkoko Park Nature Reserve North Sulawesi
Birding 3 Day 2 Night Tangkoko Park Nature Reserve North Sulawesi

Birding 3Day 2Night Tangkoko Park Nature Reserve North Sulawesi

Singgle Supplement : US$ 90

1 Pax Tour : US$ 550

Location : Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Arrival & Depart : Samratulangi Internasional Airport Manado North Sulawesi Of Indonesia


Price service included

  • English speaking bird guide
  • Mineral water
  • Snacks, Meals ( breakfast, lunch, and dinner )
  • accomodation during the trip
  • Entranches to pars and reserves
  • Local guide
  • Lokal park ranger
  • Birding site fee
  • Landowner fee
  • Private car


Services not included in the price

  • Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Airfare to indonesia ( jakarta or bali )
  • Internal airfare: Jakarta – Manado, and Manado – Jakarta
  • Laundry, Tips, All personal expenses that are not mentioned on the items above
  • Any kind of expenditures incurred due to flight cancellation/delays or due to other causes beyond our control
  • Tip ranger and guide optional



After your arival at Manado airport Sulawesi, you will be transferred by car to tangkoko takes 90 minutes to reach the guesthouse where we will stay for 2 nights


This reserves on the eastern tip of the minahassa peninsula is one of sulawesi’ Flagship parks, the excellent lowland jungle and mangrove forest providing superb birding site, the reserve is especially famous for kingfisher, having no less than eight resident species, of which four are endemic but remember that tangkoko also has much more to offer than its kingfisher though and with the assistance of the skilled our local team, we will be searh for Lilac cheeked kingfisher, green-backed kingfisher, sulawesi-dwarf kingfisher, great-billed kingfisher, red-knobbed hornbill, sulawesi dwarf  hornbill, ochre-bellied boobook, yellow-billed malkoha, bay coucal, lesser coucal, sulawesi-hawk eaglle, sulawesi serpent eagle, black eagle, black kite, sulawesi cicada bird, russty breasted cuckko, sulawesi triller purple-winged roller, ashy woodpecker, sulawesi wodpecker.

sullawesi hangging parrot, oranate lorikeet, golden-mantled racquetail, blue-backed parrot, grey-cheeked green pigeo, black-naped fruit dove, green imperial piggeon, grey-headed imperial pigeon white-bellied imperial pigeon, silver-tipped imperial pigion, sulawesi black pigion, stephan’s dove, brown-cuckko dove, philiphine scrub  fowl, barred rail, isalinne bush hen.

During our boat trip to the mangrove we way find other species; white-rumped cuckoo shrike, common kingfisher, great-billed kingfisher, pink-necked green pigion, osprey great frigatebirds, leser frigate birds, pacific reef egret, common dollar bird, striated heron, little tern, sacred and collared kingfisher, white-bellied sea eagle, brahminy kite and purple heron, after spending much of the day birding birding but we have time also to see interesting mammals such as black-macacanigra, tarsier spectrum, and bear cuscus in tangkoko park includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner



Early morning 5:30 AM will center again the tangkoko nature reserve for birding then back to guest houst for take breakfast, after that prepare check out and then at 11 AM , we will transfer you to Manado airport for your next destination



Sulawesi’s kingfisher relies on insects as well as fish and a few crabs to fill their platter darting with laser-like speed, they ofte leave no more than a blurred impression of shimmering blues, greens, and purples as they dive for a grasshopper of perhaps a smmall fish eleven species of kingfisher provide a textbook example of how several species with similar needs partition the environment.

Great-billed kingfisher, halcyon melanorhynca is primarily a coastal inhabitant, plying the beaches and stream for small fish while the scaly-breasted kingfisher, actenoides princeps, prefers montane forest and unobtrusively forages in the lower canopy for insects. several species including the tiny, sulawesi dwarf kingfisher , ceyx fallax, the green-backed kingfisher. actinoides monachus, and the sulawesi lilac-cheeked kingfisher, cittura cyanotis, overlap in the lowland forest, here the habitat is partitioned vertically, with species differing in perch and foraging height



We will use a minibus or cars. the road is some part in good condition and some part in bad cndition. while for the mangrove boat trip we will use a small boat



This trip will be provided with an english speaking bird guide during the whole trip and a local guide ( who owns/guard the land ) for each place in tangkoko and gunung mahawu



The walking rangers from easy to moderate, but there will be one hard in tangkoko


Most days in the lowlands will be hot and humid for much sulawesi, with a chance of heavy, tropical, some rains at any time. cool in the montains in gunung mahawu tomohon


A valid passport is required ; the passport must be valid for at least six months pas your intended stay. visas on arrival in indonesian can be obtained for tourist from the US, canada UK autralia, new zealand, south africa, and EU countries for stays of under 30 days There is a fee for this, payable in cash ( in US dollars ) Travel requirements are subject to change; we recommended double-checking entry requirements six weeks prior to the tour or ask our office staff for help



Tour guide sulawesi act only as tour organize for the passenger in regard to travel, whether by railroad, motorcar, motor coach, boat, or airplane, and assume no liability for injury, damage loss, accident, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect in any vehicle or for any reason whatsoever or trough the acts or default of any company or person engaged in confeying the passenger or in carrying out the aregements of the tour.

We can’t responsibility for loses or additional expenses due to delay or changes losses or expenses will have to be borne by the passengers, as tour rates provide for arragemments only for the time stated. baggage is at the owner’s risk entirely. The airlines concered and their agents and affiliates are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passenger are not on board their aircraft


NB: This schedule is flexible or non-binding depending on the situation, conditions in the field, and can be adjusted according to the client’s schedule.

  • Prices for our Tangkoko Tour Packages According to Quality & Facilities
  • The schedule that has been determined is flexible, if you want to go home a little later, we are ready!
  • Photos can be checked on FB, click Cakraloka Travel Tours, don’t forget to click LIKE after visiting ^.^
Birding 3 Day 2 Night Tangkoko Park Nature

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